Frustrating recording tool

Don't expect much from this poorly designed program.

I Screen Recorder is a confusing program that allows users to capture screenshots and videos of their onscreen activity. Although the program works, its poor design makes it frustrating to use.

The program's interface seems at first that it will be intuitive, with buttons for Screen Capture, TV Capture, DV Capture, and Other Devices. However, the main frame of the interface features a bizarre infinite regression of whatever is on the screen at the time, which didn't make much sense. Actually recording a video was fairly easy; we clicked Start, went about our business, and clicked Stop, and the program had indeed created a recording of our activity. Users must open a separate File List to access previously made recordings and screenshots, though, and this is awkwardly arranged in relation to the main interface. Viewing the videos is also strange; the first one we made opened automatically in Windows Media Player, but subsequent videos opened within the program's interface, which is relatively small and cannot be resized. This proved to be a significant problem when attempting to annotate our video as the publisher's description promised we could. An extremely sparse and unhelpful built-in Help file rounded out our list of annoyances. Although i Screen Recorder works, it's frustrating and unintuitive, and we didn't enjoy our time with it.

I Screen Recorder has seven-day or 12-use trial period. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program; there are similar programs out there that are easier to use.

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