Unimpressive pig adventure

Help Mrs. Piggly roll her apples home in this cheesy attempt at a Christmas game.

Piggly Christmas Edition is a basic game in which users must locate and roll apples to Mrs. Piggly's house, all while devouring sweets and avoiding hazards along the way. The game's not awful, but we didn't find it particularly fun or impressive.

The first thing about Piggly Christmas Edition that we found off-putting was its Christmas-ness. The only things Christmasy about the game are the Santa hat that Mrs. Piggly wears and the fact that her house is adorned with Christmas decorations. Apparently we are supposed to ignore the fact that the first level of the game is called "A Spring Morning." We haven't played the original Piggly, but we suspect that it's very much like the Christmas edition. Beyond the cheesy Christmasization of the game, we just didn't think it was that much fun. The premise of the game is that Mrs. Piggly has to find apples and roll them home so that she can make apple pies. Along the way she encounters worms and rabbits that will eat her apples, killer bees, hidden treats, and a host of other hazards and bonuses. In-game instructions explain each new concept. We found it challenging to stay in control of the rolling apples, and not in a fun way. We always know we're reviewing a good game when we have trouble pulling ourselves away from it and actually writing the review. That was not the case with Piggly Christmas Edition; we couldn't wait to be done with it.

Piggly Christmas Edition has an eight-level trial limitation. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program with reservations.

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