Unimpressive video player

Don't waste time on this poorly-designed program.

3GP Player is a basic program that lets users play 3GP videos and other video formats on their computers. Although the program works, we didn't find much about it that was very impressive.

The program's interface is sparse and takes up a lot of space relative to the features it offers. A large rectangular screen contains three widely-space icons; one to load videos, one for Help, and one with 3GP links. A significant chunk of the bottom of the interface is devoted to advertising. The program is fairly simple to use, and we found it easy to open and play videos in a variety of formats. The fact that the program opens a separate window to display the videos, however, was annoying, as was the fact that dragging the window to another location on the screen caused the video to hang up. Furthermore, we were irritated by the program's sound effects, which cannot be disabled; mousing over each icon plays a sound, and we found that these sounds played even when the 3GP Player wasn't the active window. The program's Help screen is three sentences long, and thus not very helpful. Overall, we found this program to be unsophisticated and annoying, and we can't think of anything about it that's particularly impressive.

3GP Player is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program; although there's nothing functionally wrong with it, there are many better alternatives.

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