Buggy genealogy program

Expect a struggle with this error-prone software.

Kith and Kin Pro is a versatile family tree program that allows users to create flexible diagrams of their families. Although we like a lot of the program's features, it has some functional problems that make it hard to use.

The program's interface is not particularly intuitive, although the Help file explains most of its features. The fact that users have to right-click on a field that looks like it's grayed out in order to enter family members is especially unintuitive, and in general the entire process of adding family details could be easier. Still, with a bit of practice, it's not too bad. Users can also import GEDCOM files instead of entering information manually if they have already started tracking their genealogical research elsewhere. We found it interesting that rather than a structured, static family tree, Kith and Kin Pro produces a flexible diagram in which individuals and families can be moved by dragging and dropping. The lines connecting people to other family members stretch and move as well, and although we liked that the family tree was so dynamic, at times we felt like we were trying to unknot a big bunch of pink and blue yarn. The program attempts to simplify things by allowing family members to be added to separate layers that can be viewed independently of one another, but we found this process to be buggy and prone to error messages. The program isn't bad, but there are more intuitive programs that work better.

Kith and Kin Pro has a 30-day trial period. It installs without issues but leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program with reservations.

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