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Keep your personal data safe in an efficient, no-frills iPhone lock box.

Don't expect Firebox to pamper you with frilly icons and pretty formats. It's just not that kind of digital vault. Ask for nothing other than a master password, a straightforward format, and encryption from Firebox, and you'll get along fine. The lock box gives you a few data categories and samples to get started, like entries for your computer log-in and Web site details. You can also start it up with a blank database and build your own entries from scratch. Searching and sorting your database is also in the cards. Web URLs now trigger Safari to open the link; an address opens the map app; and clicking a number will launch the dialer.

Firebox can sync content with the free desktop version for Mac over an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network. If you don't have a Mac, you're not completely up a creek. Firebox can also restore a database if you share it online. It's a more advanced feature that may confuse novices. Beyond these tools, Firebox leaves you plenty of room to add your own bank account numbers, credit card info, and the like. It's simple, text-based, encrypted, and efficient, but it does take some work up-front to set up.

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