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If you're interested in an all-around data-keeper, the 1Password family is a smart pick.

Password managers on the iPhone don't work as seamlessly as they do on the desktop, but 1Password Pro gets close. The all-in-one data store contains two security levels and an option to keep passwords hidden from sight even when you're viewing the record on the iPhone. We like that option a whole heck of a lot more than we do opening the record and seeing our passwords staring back. Call us paranoid.

The app stores both log-ins and individual passwords, which you can use to surf to a site from within the application's built-in browser. Browsing this way is always awkward and sometimes hiccupy, but the Pro version provides a Band-Aid by letting you copy and paste sensitive log-in content directly into Safari. Not so with the standard version, which nevertheless does about everything else.

1Password also encrypts notes, and includes a wallet to store info like your driver's license, passport, computer information, and so on. It contains a password generator that can save your random generation, but it won't e-mail your creation. As with some competitors, users with 1Password on their Macs can also sync content back and forth. 1Password standard is another option, and Firebox and RoboForm are apps with overlapping capabilities, in case you don't need all of 1Password Pro's features. However, for those interested in an all-around data-keeper, the 1Password family is a smart pick.

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