Dangerous card games

Fight to the death in his twisted set of card games.

EvilCards lives up to its title by offering a violent way to play traditional card games. While the game play is fun, there were some hurdles that nearly derailed the program along the way.

The program's interface initially impressed us with its simple navigation between games and its professional-looking graphic design. However, we were disappointed that the program offers no Help file or instructions and often requires a lot of frustrating experimentation to learn. EvilCards offers a twisted take on classic card games like Blackjack, Hearts, Poker, and a few others. Once we'd managed to decipher the controls, we had a blast playing these games. The program even offers a neat feature that let you invent your own card game from a quick, simple menu of options. While its controls and interface need work, the game play was so fun we nearly forgot our early troubles. The program got really interesting when our table included computer-generated opponents who looked like Vikings. We were surprised there was no money to wager, but soon realized the evil element of this game came when a losing hand drew a physical beating. As the game progressed, players grew more bruised and bloodied until they died, which means literally the last man standing won the hand.

EvilCards is a free game. It comes as a compressed file and installs desktop icons without permission. While its controls are a bit rocky, the unusual and amusing game play makes up for it, and we recommend this program.

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