Flight planning software

Plan general aviation itineraries and routes with this fine flying freeware.

Golden Eagle Flight Prep provides all the tools pilots need to plan a flight route. Offering a surprising amount of useful and specialized features, this is a great addition to any general aviation pilot's software collection.

The program's interface might seem intimidating to nonpilots, since it's peppered with aviation jargon, FAA abbreviations, and other flight-related specifics. However, the manual in the program's Help file clarifies most questions and proves that Golden Eagle Flight Prep is, in fact, a very user-friendly design. The program's primary function is flight itinerary planning, which is made simple as pointing your cursor on the map and selecting the appropriate airports for your journey. Flight routes are laid out on a map. Elevation displays in a handy flow chart and is also easy to select and modify. Golden Eagle's Raster Charts offer a detailed look at air traffic control zones around the USA. These helped us plan a clear path to our destination. In addition, the DUATS chart, which illuminates weather concerns around the country, was clear and easy to read and worked in tandem with our travel route. Golden Eagle's best feature is a real time-saver: By clicking on a map, you can call up information such as longitude, latitude, longest runway, and elevation about any airport on your route. This program seemingly thought of everything you need to plan an air journey.

Golden Eagle Flight Prep is freeware. This is a great tool for pilots to plot their course by, and we recommend it.

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