Texas Fold-em

Calculate your odds of winning poker with this So-so poker helper.

Tournament Strategy and Odds Calculator provides a helpful tool for figuring out your odds of success in a Texas Hold-em game. While the calculator is a great learning tool, the program falls flat in other departments.

The program's interface initially felt welcoming, with a few simple command options and in-depth instructions in the Help file. However, we were turned off when we couldn't join a poker game immediately. The program claimed it was "Searching for a Game," though it quickly became obvious we would need a Free License to play. However, the only way to get one such license is to sign up for other online poker sites. This was frustrating and disappointing, and it hampered our ability to test the full program. Fortunately, we discovered its offline calculator functions. This allowed us to choose the number of other players, cards on the table, and cards in our hand to calculate our odds of winning with specific hands. We could see the calculator coming in handy as an onscreen tool while you're playing an online poker game. The program offered no useful features that weren't linked to the Free License, so we never tested them. While this program offered a staggering amount of headaches, it also provided at least one helpful tool for playing poker.

Tournament Strategy and Odds Calculator is freeware designed to sell a service. Its inability to offer tournament play should keep experienced players away, though its handy calculator feature makes it just barely recommendable for newcomers.

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