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Copy and print only the parts of Web sites you select with this free tool.

Printee for IE provides a simple alternative to dumping Web site information into a Word document for printing. This program's basic tools and excellent results will be a blessing for frequent cut-and-pasters.

We were instantly at home with this program's interface, with its clearly labeled commands. It was just as intuitive to use with our familiar cut-copy-paste techniques. Printee for IE appeared in our online browser as a small command bar offering a lot of options, but we really only needed the Grab tool. This turned our cursor into a text- and image-acquiring machine. We were able to highlight a single paragraph, an entire article, specific images, and more just by clicking on them. Printee for IE automatically avoids advertisements, news items, and other fillers you don't want by selecting only the areas you click on. It sends data directly to the clipboard for previewing before printing. Printee for IE showcased a clean page full of data ready to print. It feels like a perfect choice for those looking to save printer ink by running off articles without printing the accompanying photos and ads. The program provides several extras, such as new fonts, backgrounds, and formats, but these only slightly tweak its primary functionality and don't feel like essential features. Nevertheless, Printee for IE offers a fantastic alternative to frequent cutting and pasting.

Printee for IE is freeware. With its simple commands and excellent results, we highly recommend this basic but easy to use and highly useful utility.

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