Heart to beat this learning tool

Learn about the heart and its rhythms with this excellent med-ed software.

ECG Simulator provides a variety of mimicked heartbeats and heart disease simulations. It's a valuable tool for learning about electrocardiology and the heart. With a simple layout and controls, this software could be an essential helper for medical students or anyone studying anatomy, physiology, or sports medicine.

This program's smooth interface is easy to navigate, even without medical training, which suggests that med students and others with medical backgrounds will have no trouble with its clearly labeled commands and visual aids. The program resembles an EKG monitor with a spiking heartbeat scrolling across the screen. ECG Simulator shines with two drop-down menus for selecting a particular Rhythm and Ectopic Activity. This let us simulate cardiac activity ranging from a normal sinus rhythm to an arterial flutter to a third-degree blockage. The program claims it has enough options to reproduce 297 different cardiac arrhythmias, and each heartbeat looks different, which helps make it a great way to learn about the heart. Another excellent learning tool is the Random feature. This button randomly picks a heart condition and shows its rhythm but not its name. You have to click a button to reveal the name, which makes for great self-quizzing. This is a smooth program for learning about heart conditions that will benefit anyone in the health field, or anyone with just a healthy interest in cardiology, for that matter.

ECG Simulator has a 24-hour trial. Its simple layout and impressive variety of heart conditions make this a program we highly recommend.

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