Unimpressive search program

Aggregate results from multiple search engines, but not very effectively.

JOC Web Finder lets users search up to seven different search engines at once. Although we like this idea in theory, we feel the concept could have been better executed.

The program's interface is plain and somewhat dated-looking. Users can perform four types of searches: all words, any words, phrases, or Boolean. Users can set the program to eliminate duplicate results from multiple search engines. Users then enter the word or phrase they want to search for. The program returns a list of results, which users can sort by rank or search engine, or alphabetically by title or URL. Although there is a Help button, this only takes users to the publisher's Web site, where there's not actually a Help file. There are several drawbacks to this program. First, we're of the opinion that the program isn't really any more beneficial than using a single good search engine. You may get more results, but that doesn't guarantee quality. Most users are already faithful to one particular search engine because they feel it's most effective, so adding results from others is unlikely to improve anything. Additionally, a lot of the results that were returned by the search engines within the program were blatantly irrelevant to what we were searching for. Finally, there are meta search engines on the Web that users can access for free. Although there's nothing functionally wrong with this program, weren't very impressed with it.

JOC Web Finder has a 30-use trial period. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We do not recommend this program; it doesn't do much that couldn't be better another way.

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