Worthless New Age analysis

Learn absolutely nothing about yourself with this pointless program.

MB Subconscious Self Number is, like most every program from Mystic Board, an advertisement-delivery vehicle first, and an actual useful program... well, not at all. Although the program's description promises to "make you aware of your reaction to a stressful situation," we found that the program did nothing of the sort.

Like all other Mystic Board programs, the interface for this one was cluttered with ads, with fake menu items directing users to Donate or Make Money Online (these are actually just links that take you to the Mystic Board Web site). Users are instructed to enter their first, middle, and last names, and their full birth date. The program then gives users a number and an incredibly vague three-sentence summary of their personality. The results don't even try to be specific or meaningful; ours said, in essence "You are helpful, you take advice, you are responsible, and if you're happy at home you'll accomplish a lot." Thanks a lot, MB Subconscious Self Number. That was so enlightening. This program is a complete waste of time with absolutely no value.

MB Subconscious Self Number is free. It installs desktop icons without asking, leaves a folder behind upon removal, and opens the Mystic Board Web site every time the program is closed. We do not under any circumstances recommend this program; we may as well walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to summarize our personality for us.

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