Worthless personality program

Learn absolutely nothing from this ad-filled program.

Ah, yes, another worthless piece of software from Mystic Board. MB Rational Thought Number purports to "reveal whether you are a practical thinker or more of a dreamer" by determining your so-called rational thought number. This is supposedly done by adding up the number values of the letters in the user's first name. We think the whole thing is a bunch of hooey, and even the most undemanding New Age enthusiastic will find this program useless.

The program's interface, as usual, is cluttered with ads for Mystic Board. The expected menu options to Donate Money and Make Money Online are present, lest we have any doubt as to what this program is really about. There are spaces for users to enter their first, middle, and last names, as well as their full date of birth. Why all of this is needed when the program's description states that it's based on the user's first name is beyond us. We entered our information, and the program informed us that our rational thought number was 9 and gave us a five-sentence summary of our personality. Whoopty-doo. The online Help file is adequate but pointless. We were curious about whether the program was actually basing this on our first name, so we changed our birth date, and our rational thought number changed too. Who knows what it's actually based on; we suspect someone just made it up. In short, this program is an add-filled waste of time, and we do not recommend it.

MB Rational Thought Number is free. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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