Worthless music downloader

Don't waste time on this program that does nothing you couldn't do yourself.

Unlimited Music Downloads purportedly allows users to search multiple BitTorrent sites to find music, movies, and other content. In reality, the program is little more than a browser, presenting another BitTorrent meta search engine as its own.

The program's interface is poorly designed; it can't be resized or maximized, so users are forced to scroll back and forth to see everything. There are no options or Help file, and the only button reads "Download File"; clicking on this takes users to a Web site encouraging them to purchase some program that will allow them to "Watch up to 3,000 HD live TV channels right on your PC!" That is truly the extent of this program's functionality. As for Unlimited Music Downloads' content, all it does is display Torrentz.com. Of course, the program would like you to think that it's actually doing something, that it is searching the various BitTorrent sites for your content. But it's not. You can go directly to Torrentz.com using your regular Internet browser and see exactly the same thing. It seems that the program's only purpose is to drive traffic to the aforementioned TV-on-your-PC Web site, making it essentially useless.

Unlimited Music Downloads is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program; it's of absolutely no use, and we do not appreciate its attempt at passing off someone else's functions and contents as its own.

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