Mediocre tarot program

Don't expect a competent reading from this ad-filled software.

It's funny. We've seen so many awful and completely useless programs from Mystic Board that when we come across one that actually does something, even if it only sort-of works, we're impressed. MB Free Tarot Reader And Dictionary is one such program. By any normal standards, it's awful. By Mystic Board standards, it's above average.

The program's interface, like that of all Mystic Board programs, is cluttered with advertising. On the first screen, users select whether they want a tarot reading or to view the tarot dictionary. The tarot reading option asks for the user's name, birth date, and question, and users then select from eight tarot spreads, using either the major or minor arcana. Users can cast the cards themselves or have the computer do it. The results aren't a reading so much as a description of what each card means; a good tarot reader can look at the cards in relation to one another to interpret the results, but that's not at all what this program does. As for the program's so-called tarot dictionary, forget it. There is a list of terms that it allegedly contains, but looking for a definition will take you to Mystic Board's Web site from within the program, with nary a definition in sight. The dictionary also offers a Google search, but that's nothing we couldn't do ourselves. The online Help file provides basic instruction for the program's use. Overall, this program doesn't stink as badly as it could, but it's still pretty bad.

MB Free Tarot Reader And Dictionary is free. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We do not recommend this program.

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