Mediocre astrology readings

Get brief, vague information from this unimpressive program.

MB Purple Star Astrology provides an astrological analysis based on the user's time and date of birth. Although the program gives readings for 12 different aspects of the user's life, like most Mystic Board programs, the readings are brief and not particularly detailed.

As we've come to expect from Mystic Board, the program's interface is cluttered with advertising. We are encouraged to "Donate" and "Make Money Online," which gives us the sense that this program is more about making money than anything else. The program is easy enough to use; users simply enter their name and birth information, and the program provides the analysis. The results are shown in a 12-block grid, divided by topics such as Children, Parents, Career, Friends, Marriage, and so on. Users click on each block to get their readings; the program provides a brief description of each "palace" and its relevant stars, and then gives the user's reading, which is typically one to three sentences. The readings weren't terrible, but they didn't go into much detail, and we noticed that for some of our palaces the reading was entirely absent. Overall, we weren't impressed. The program's online Help file provided basic instructions for the program's use.

MB Purple Star Astrology is free. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We do not particularly recommend this program; it's rather bare-bones and does not provide users with much astrological insight.

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