Difficult screensaver maker

Don't expect help when things go wrong with the Flash files in this frustrating program.

Flash2X Screensaver Builder lets users create screensavers from pre-existing Flash files. Unfortunately, we had trouble getting the program to run correctly, and the built-in Help file was no Help at all.

To test this program, we downloaded several sample Flash files that we planned to turn into a screensaver. To its credit, the program's interface is very intuitive, letting users first enter information such as the screensaver's name and publisher contact information. The next tab is where the program fell apart for us. We attempted to add some Flash files for our screensaver, all of which were files types that the program purportedly supports. One displayed just fine, others were greatly distorted, and some showed up as blank black fields. We forged ahead, figuring that perhaps the preview was screwy and that all would turn out well in the finished product. We did like how easy it was to create, save, and install the screensaver, but when we tested the results, they weren't good. Some screensavers resulted in high-speed flickering between files. Some just went black. At least one we had to force quit. We admittedly are not Flash experts, so we turned again and again to the Help file, hoping that it would shed some light on the problem. Although it thoroughly describes the program's functions, it offered no troubleshooting advice.

Although there is no time limit on this program's trial, screensavers created using the unregistered version only last five days. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program, especially to users without advanced knowledge of Flash.

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