Unreliable translator

Skip this amateurish program.

My Translator is purportedly a translation program that lets users translate words between several languages. Unfortunately, the program's design and some outright errors make it a poor choice for this kind of work.

The program's interface is basic and easy enough to understand. Select the languages that you're translating from and to, enter the original text in the input box, and the results show up in the output box. That part is simple enough. The problems occur when you start to consider the program's features and content. First of all, unlike many other translation programs and online resources, the program is really just a dictionary, capable of translating one word at a time. You're not going to translate a block of text or even a simple sentence. Additionally, the program doesn't perform a true search when you enter a word. Instead, it just matches letter-for-letter, alphabetically. For example, enter "eat" and the word does not appear to be in the dictionary. It can only be found by entering the infinitive, "to eat." This is poor design to begin with, but the lack of Help file to explain these quirks compounds the problem. We also found at least one error--the Spanish word for "for" is "por," not "pro"--that makes us question the validity of all the program's translations.

My Translator is free. It installs desktop icons without asking but uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program; although it's OK for quickly looking up a word now and then, there are much more reliable programs out there.

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