Diagnose disk clutter

Analyze disk space usage every which way with this easy-to-use application.

Managing hard disk clutter mostly means figuring out which files eat up all the space. Utilities like SizeExplorer Free help by pinpointing the folders and files holding you back from downloading season three of "West Wing." It's an easy-to-use disk analyzer with some valuable features.

The interface is pleasant and mostly intuitive, and there's a Help file if needed. SizeExplorer is fast: it ran through more than 170,000 files in around two minutes. The resulting Windows Explorer-like view lists each item's overall disk usage with colored bars and percentages. You can sort the list a number of ways. In fact, the program behaves just like Explorer. For example, you can browse through folders as well as open and delete files directly from the list. We also appreciate the Analyzer function's numerous reports and graphical views. This feature displays directories as pie charts as well as graphs indicating the distribution of files by file type and extension. The data is interesting, although the actual usefulness eludes us. SizeExplorer's best feature is the ability to view large files in a single list. You don't have to click through folders or compare file sizes back-and-forth across folders.

SizeExplorer Free does lack a few key features, such as searching, printing, and saving reports, and, sadly, the capability to find duplicate files. To access these options, you must purchase the Pro version ($39 to $42). As a first step on the road to hard-disk hygiene, however, the free tool is hard to beat.

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