Memory loser

Look elsewhere for help managing your RAM.

FreeMem Ram Optimiser 1.0 is a lightweight utility for users who want to keep a certain amount of RAM free and available on their computers. It allows you to force a "release" of RAM as well as set a threshold for automated release. Unfortunately, a few issues make this tool confusing at best.

Ram Optimiser is simple to use: a slider controls the amount of RAM you want to free up, and an Optimize button initiates the action. You can run the tool on your desktop or send it to the system tray. We watched the effects of Ram Optimiser using Task Manager. In some cases, clicking Optimize did affect the available RAM. In some instances, however, the available RAM shown in Task Manager dipped precipitously after Optimization. You can configure an alarm threshold; when crossed, the application will release a set amount of RAM, which you can also specify. We were frustrated, however, by the field validation placed on the cells, which insisted one field always be equal to or larger than another. Not only were the labels themselves unclear, making it hard to know what to enter, but the validation prevented us from typing, say, "20" into a field because the first digit was less than the amount in the comparison field. We looked for answers to these issues, but apparently Ram Optimiser doesn't have a Help file.

If you're looking for a way to optimize your machine's RAM, we recommend looking at other utilities.

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