Flash editing program

Convert and edit your videos in a Flash.

Eltima Flash Decompiler Trillix provides a series of tools for taking SWF movies, editing them, and converting them into Flash files. While it offers an impressive collection of controls, it certainly isn't for everyone.

The program's interface is intimidating, mostly because it's formed out of several small windows working together. The windows display file trees, images, and other tools. Eltima includes an educational video tutorial, but the video might scare off novice users with its tech-heavy talk. After some study, we were able to open up a Shockwave video (.swf file) and extrapolate all the pieces that make it up, such as text, buttons, sound, and images. This process took several minutes for only a few minutes of film, a major disappointment. However, we were impressed with how much we could edit the finished file. You can change text within the movie, change colors, edit photos and sounds, etc., with a few simple tools that take only a little practice to master. Etima offers few special features, though the screenshot-making option does provide a neat way to document your work. Overall, the program delivers, but it requires some serious study or prior knowledge to successfully navigate its busy front end. Regardless of such difficulties, we were able to successfully edit our movie and convert it into a Flash-ready file.

Eltima Flash Decompiler Trillix leaves a watermark on output during trial. While it provides exciting tools, it's reserved for serious Flash fans only. However, we still recommend it.

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