Subtle puzzle game

Spot flaws in pictures to win this challenging game.

Spot the Difference provides a challenging game for both kids and adults. This fun game demands that players pay attention and seek out differences between two pictures to beat the clock.

We like how easy the interface is to operate, though the lack of a real Help file is a letdown. We were personally never confused enough by Spot the Difference to need extra instructions, but it was still disappointing to find that the Help file is basically an advertisement for other products. The game itself functions well, and the play offers a nice challenge. We were in a race against the clock to compare two similar pictures and click on 10 differences. The pictures were an assortment of smiley faces, and we felt a lot of tension knowing the faster we guessed, the higher our score would be. We thought this was a good game for adults or even kids with a keen eye for detail. The program was fairly sparse when it comes to extras, but it does contain one handy feature: The Hint button. It showed us one match we missed, to help speed along the process. This game was simple and challenging, and we felt it offered a fine distraction for young and old alike.

Spot the Difference is freeware. Its mix of a simple layout and challenging gameplay made it a program that we recommend.

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