Slideshow viewer

Find and examine individual PowerPoint slides with this simple program.

Slideboxx provides a set of tools for making quick and easy searches for PowerPoint slides. With its simple layout and fast results, this is a great program for those who frequently work with slideshows.

While Slideboxx features a professional-looking design, its interface proved less than intuitive to navigate, and we required a visit to the Help file. One other gripe we had with the interface is that it opens within your Internet browser, so you can't use it as a standalone application but must open another program instead. Fortunately, Slideboxx is a breeze to operate. We were able to type in keywords, and Slideboxx found all slideshow presentations meeting those criteria. We cycled through our slides and viewed them faster than we could by opening PowerPoint. This seemed like a great way to review and grab information buried inside your slideshow files. The program also has a neat feature that lets you capture specific slides and use them to make a new presentation. This, too, was fast, efficient, and a great way to make better use of your data. While many aspects of the interface were disappointing, we couldn't argue with how well the program itself operated, though we feel that Slideboxx will mostly appeal to those who use slideshows and other presentation software a lot.

Slideboxx is limited to a 30-day trial period. It installs desktop icons without permission. While its interface was lacking, the bulk of this slideshow tracking program still worked well enough to earn our recommendation.

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