Presidential wallpaper

Watch a slideshow of the 43 United States presidents with this screensaver.

The idea behind 43 President Screensaver is a good one. It's a screensaver slideshow featuring the names and faces of the 43 United States presidents set against colorful backgrounds. We can see how teachers and history buffs might enjoy it. Unfortunately, the design of this screensaver montage is poor.

We easily installed 43 President Screensaver on our laptop. The ZIP file download contains both the program and instructions for using it. We didn't need the instructions to get up and running. Screen resolution was noticeably low once the slideshow began. The photos 43 President Screensaver displays are very small and were pixelated on our computer's screen. We lowered our computer's display resolution to see if the image quality improved, but it didn't. Apparently the presidential pics used in this program weren't scanned in at a high-enough resolution. The images might look better on an older PC or monitor set at a very low resolution, but most modern PCs don't have such small, low-quality displays. The program's designers should have considered current PC display technology and wide-screen aspect ratios.

The idea behind 43 President Screensaver is a good one, as we mentioned before. It's a program that is accessible to computer users of all levels of expertise. However, design, resolution, and clarity are very important parts of computer wallpaper and screensavers. The poor quality of the images used in the slideshow make this a poor choice as a screensaver. We suggest you search elsewhere for high-quality presidential screensavers.

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