Musical alarm clock

Wake up to your music with this alarm clock program.

Waking up to the jarring buzz that most alarm clocks are equipped with is an unpleasant experience. Citrus Alarm Clock wakes you up with songs that you choose from your computer's music library. You can set different alarms for each day of the week. The program runs unobtrusively from your computer's task tray and is easy to turn on or off.

Citrus Alarm Clock plays songs you choose from your music library as an alarm. When triggered, the song plays quietly at first, gradually increasing in volume. The design of Citrus Alarm Clock's interface is clean and attractive, and the program is easy to use and customize, with a Help file if you need it. We tested Citrus Alarm Clock on our laptop, which has small, tinny speakers. If you're running this program on a similar computer, be sure that the sound level is high enough so that you'll hear the alarm when it goes off. Though this program is designed to wake you up in the morning, it could serve other needs, too. If you're at work and have a meeting later in the day, you can set Citrus Alarm Clock to remind you when it's time to leave. You can program certain songs for particular reminders, too.

This is a 30-day trial version of the software. We really like this application. If you want to say goodbye to the irritating buzz of your clock radio and wake up to sounds that are more soothing, Citrus Alarm Clock fits the bill.

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