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Enjoy a random wallpaper display with this application.

It's more enjoyable to use personal photos as wallpaper instead of sample photos that come preinstalled on your computer. Wallpaper Randomizer randomly displays and changes images of your choice as desktop wallpaper. This free screen utility makes things fun by mixing it up.

Wallpaper Randomizer is easy to access and use. The ReadMe file explains how to get started with the program. Wallpaper Randomizer runs from your computer's system tray; right-clicking the icon calls up its controls. There are also keyboard shortcuts if you want to change your wallpaper without having to click on the program's icon in the system tray. Upon installation, Wallpaper Randomizer prompts you to choose a source folder. We chose our "Pictures" folder. This was a mistake because most of the images we had in there were too high in resolution and not properly sized for wallpaper, and only part of the pictures showed. Right-clicking the application's icon in our system tray let us easily navigate to another folder, though. This time, we chose a folder containing image files we specifically created to be wallpaper. Since these files were all the proper size, they worked great.

We like that you can control which images Wallpaper Randomizer uses, and we like its ability to randomize the display, which keeps things fresh and interesting. Wallpaper Randomizer is free, and it's easy to install and uninstall. This fun program can bring some life to your desktop with images of your choice--just make sure they're all sized properly!

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