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Use this program to manage your schedules.

Scheduler for Excel is an adequate program designed for school scheduling. Though the developers claim that Scheduler for Excel can be used for any type of schedule, it really isn't set up for anything other than classroom teachers and administrators.

The program opens with a lengthy instructional file that was difficult to use. We wish the instructions were in a more user-friendly format for quick reference, such as an FAQ file or step-by-step guide with screenshots. The program's toolbar features a series of colorful smiley faces, each one corresponding to a particular school subject. This toolbar would be useful for teachers and school administrators, but it serves little or no purpose for those who want to use Scheduler for Excel for other kinds of schedules. However, we couldn't find a way to add new categories or alter the toolbar. When you create a new schedule, Scheduler for Excel lists the time broken down according to class periods. You can delete these presets and replace them with your own, but it'd be much easier if there were templates built into the program that accommodate work or personal schedules.

Scheduler for Excel is best suited for managing school schedules, but technically it is also capable of managing work and personal schedules, with some extra work on the user's part. We feel that the ability to easily alter the template for other scheduling needs would have made for a much more useful tool. This is a 30-day trial version of the program.

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