Excel scheduling companion

Manage your schedule with this Excel based application.

Project Manager for Excel is a scheduling tool that opens directly into Microsoft Excel. It's designed to help with project management.

We like that this application is compatible with a commonly used program like Excel, but its interface is too minimal. We created a few sample project listings with Project Manager, but we couldn't figure out how to create subcategories within the project listings. There's no Help file. We visited the program's Web site and found minimal information that didn't answer our questions. We couldn't edit individual cells of data in the initial spreadsheet. When we tried, the program informed us that the sheet was locked and said we needed to unprotect it. When we tried to unprotect it, we were prompted for a password, which we didn't have. The experience was frustrating. There's an Export option; selecting it opens a new sheet containing your initial data. Once you do this, you can edit data cells. There's also an option to save spreadsheets as PDFs, which makes the Export option confusing and misleading. Without accessible instructions or Help, we were unable to ascertain what was the true purpose of the Export option.

This is a 21-day trial version of the software. It installs and uninstalls with no problems. All the problems with this program lie in trying to use it. Overall, our experience with this program was frustrating. Project Manager for Excel is supposed to make project management with Excel easier, but this program is not intuitive to use at all.

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