Handy text and image copier

Copy images and text from PDFs and HTML documents with this utility.

Sometimes in the workplace it's necessary to copy text or images from one source or another to different formats and destinations, such as HTML and PDF documents. PDFs are versatile, but it's time consuming to edit them when you don't have access to the original documents. Grab Text is a handy utility that lets you "grab" text and images from HTML documents and PDF files. Grab Text will copy text in both Plain Text and Rich Text formats. It can copy large amounts of hypertext from Web pages with few transcription errors.

Grab Text is easy to use, but there's a Help file that opens when you right-click the Grab Text icon in the Quick Launch tray, if you need further instruction. The program works best when opened from your computer's Quick Launch pad. We tried Grab Text on both Web pages and PDFs, and it was able to capture text and images from both types of documents with no problems. Simply open a Web page or PDF file, activate Grab Text, highlight the text and images that you want to copy with Grab Text's cursor, select Copy, and then paste the selected items into a word-processing program. Grab Text does everything else for you.

This is a 21-day trial version of the software. Grab Text is a useful tool, and the ability to capture both images and text makes it doubly handy, especially for users who create documents and presentations from content gathered from the Internet and PDFs.

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