Color by mouse click

Color cute baby animals in this computerized coloring book.

Children can have fun coloring cyber style with this computer-based coloring book. Coloring Book 10: Baby Animals includes a selection of baby animal drawings that children fill in by clicking on colors in preloaded palettes. Parents can help their children print their finished artwork with a few simple clicks.

Coloring Book 10: Baby Animals features a colorful, easy-to-use interface that children of all ages should be able to navigate. The program's drawings are simple, so older children may not find them challenging enough. Each drawing is "colored" by selecting colors from the palettes that ring the edges of the drawing. Children can click on the color they want to use with the mouse and then click on the area of the drawing that they want to fill with the selected color. The simple clicking process makes this program a great fit for younger children or children who have difficulties with dexterity. This program could also be a fun way to introduce young children to computers. Coloring Book 10: Baby Animals doesn't have a Help file, but most users will be able navigate the program without it, and there are further instructions on the manufacturer's Web site.

This is a trial version of the program that is limited to five sample drawings. It adds a desktop icon without asking when you install it, and it leaves a Program files folder behind when you uninstall it, but those are minor inconveniences. This is a cute and fun program that children will enjoy.

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