Easy photo fix

Lighten underexposed photos with this supereasy application.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Free is the perfect tool for fixing underexposed photos quickly and easily. Open one picture or a whole folder full of images, and it will lighten all of the files with a single click.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Free is a one-trick pony, but it does its one trick well. The program lightens photos that are too dark. You can also rotate your images left or right. When we tested this utility, we found it did a good job with underexposed files, but it doesn't improve overexposed files, reduce digital noise, or make any other adjustments. Clicking on the "Internet" menu calls up an option to upgrade to Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 3, which has more controls and options for editing photos. The upgrade is inexpensive, but it's not free. Professional photographers and hobbyists wanting to seriously tweak their images will find this program lacking. However, those who are frustrated or intimidated by photo-editing software programs and looking for something friendlier will love this program. The interface is bright, colorful, and easy to read. The program is easy and enjoyable to use, and most users will be able to navigate it with no problems.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Free is freeware. There's a Help file and links to product support and the manufacturer's Web site, should users want more information. We encountered no problems installing and uninstalling the program. For a free application, this is a well-designed imaging tool that should make anyone's photo-editing experiences much easier.

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