Unimpressive compression

Don't bother with this buggy, unhelpful program.

Photo RAR for WinRAR is a JPEG compression utility that allows users to control the parameters of the compression, including selective compression of particular portions of an image. Although the program looks nice at first glance, using it is at times unintuitive and unnecessarily complicated.

The program's interface is somewhat cluttered, yet it has certain a sleekness that may lead users to think that they are dealing with a well-designed program. This is not necessarily the case, though. Upon closer inspection we noticed that certain tools did not even fit completely within the interface, and there was no way to scroll or resize the interface to access them. This was our first clue that something about Photo RAR wasn't quite right. Using the program was no picnic. The program has multiple potentially useful features, including the ability to set a target file size, selectively compress portions of images, and perform grayscale conversion. Unfortunately, the program's interface makes most major features needlessly difficult; there are many other programs that do the same tasks much more elegantly. The program has functional problems as well; attempts to use one of the selection tools resulted in multiple error messages that meant nothing to us. Even once we got past the error message, the tool didn't work as it was supposed to. The built-in Help file was poorly written. Overall, we were not impressed with Photo RAR.

Photo RAR for WinRAR is free to try, but the trial version does not permit saving. The program installs desktop icons without asking, but uninstalls cleanly. We do not recommend this program; there are many better choices available.

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