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Five Little Monkeys is a colorful sing-along app designed for toddlers and preschoolers with three fun variations.

Five Little Monkeys is a colorful sing-along app designed for toddlers and preschoolers, with three different versions--country, rock, and pop--of the popular simian head-injury song ("Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..." etc.). Kids can select which version they want to hear using a visual menu, and then they watch the ever-dwindling squad of monkeys bouncing on said bed, as karaoke-style subtitles run below. You touch a monkey to trigger the next line of the song, at which point an owl--apparently a doctor, with a white coat and a head mirror--breaks up the action ("No more monkeys jumping on the bed!").

Although crude in its animation and lacking much in the way of educational merits, Five Little Monkeys provides a surprising amount of interactive fun. In addition to choosing which monkey will bump its head (and even being able to send formerly fallen monkeys back to the front lines), kids can explore a handful of other responsive objects in the room, including an alarm clock, a monkey family portrait, a banana tree, and a cat hiding under the bed. The best touch, recently added, is a traffic light that's accompanied by a shouted "Stop!" and "Go!" Toddlers--especially those who are often told to stop jumping on beds themselves--will relish being able to turn the tables on these virtual monkeys.

Five Little Monkeys is far from the best app available for this age group, but it provides a good amount of fun at a reasonable price, especially for die-hard fans of the song.

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