Drivers, use caution

Another "free" driver updater that ain't.

Driver Robot is a free utility that offers to scan your PC for incorrect and out-of-date drivers. It's also a marketing ploy designed to upsell a $30 software package and subscription to a driver database. Whether it's a scam or a lifesaver might depend on your skill level, how you use your PC, and how old your system is.

Driver Robot is one of many such utilities out there, and they have similar looks, functions, and even marketing techniques, which typically involve securing a high ranking on Google and other search sites so that you'll hit on their Web site before you find free advice in the tech forums that show up later in the search. The free scan identifies so many out-of-date drivers that it raises a red flag, and we wonder what criteria Driver Robot uses to make its evaluations.

If you're capable of updating your system and device drivers yourself and you're handy with a search engine, Driver Robot's paid version probably has little to offer, though the free version might help point you in the right direction if you're diagnosing a problem. However, if you're a little intimidated by the Device Manager but your PC is old and slow or some devices have stopped working, Driver Robot's driver updating service might be just the thing to get your system back up to snuff. It installs desktop icons without asking, but, unlike many of its competitors, it doesn't leave stuff behind when you uninstall it.

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