Scientific timer

Coordinate 16 different timers with this program.

Quick Timer High provides an impressive collection of timers to aid with scientific experiments. While there's a lot to manage, the timers are simple to operate and will help store data.

The program's interface was a breeze to understand, even though we'd never used any scientific timers before. We were able to jump directly into using all the timers without consulting the program's basic Help file tutorial. Quick Timer High is laid out in 16 stopwatch-like timers. You can start and stop all at once or activate them individually with a click on a specific timer. The timers started, stopped, and paused with ease. The program saves all data in a readable document that is useful for data collection. The program's finest feature is its capability to customize each timer's starting and stopping points. For example, a simple command can turn on a specific timer when another reaches a predetermined time. We could see this coming in handy when running several timers simultaneously. While this program really appeals only to those with scientific problems requiring several stopwatches, it does a great job of juggling so many clocks. Its impressive data collection capabilities are another plus.

Quick Timer High has a 30-day trial limit. It comes as a compressed file and leaves folders behind after uninstalling. It's easy to use, and we recommend this program.

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