Challenging puzzle

Try your hand at this tough matching game.

Jewel Twist offers a challenging puzzle that will hook any Tetris lover. Based on various symbols and shapes, this is a fast-paced matching game anyone can pick up.

The program's interface is professionally laid out, and the graphics seem top-notch, which makes this game immediately pleasant and easy to understand. We were able to choose various game board shapes, which was one way of controlling how hard or easy we wanted each game to be. The game itself consists of dozens of tiny symbols (dollar bills, hearts, diamonds, squares, and others) stacked one upon another. You score points by shuffling the stack and matching up symbols. Actually matching and scoring points is simple, though each individual game feels like it drags on for several minutes longer than it should. If we could tweak one aspect, we'd make the games shorter. The program had one really exciting feature, which was the option to design your own playing board. Overall, this was an entertaining program that any game lover can jump into and enjoy.

Jewel Twist has a 10-run trial limit. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders after uninstalling.

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