Fun drawing game

This addictive game teaches kids drawing, and even a little physics.

Crayon Physics Deluxe Demo has a lot of surprises for a simple art game. We were impressed by its addictive play, and we think kids will fall in love with it, too.

The program's interface was stunningly beautiful and easy to navigate. It's primarily set up for a child or a child and parent, so the onscreen directions were appropriate. There's no Help file, but the program's intuitive design was easy to understand. The crayon-on-paper game centers on rolling a ball so that it meets up with a star. Each "island" contains several levels that are childlike obstacle courses made from crayon drawings. The player draws shapes, bridges, barricades, and more using a crayon cursor. The fascinating part is how the ball and any item drawn will roll, move, and fall in a way that perfectly mimics gravity. For example, to move our ball up a ramp, we needed to draw and then drop a large enough item on top of it to provide adequate momentum. It might help give kids a hands-on understanding of physics, or at least a virtual one. Crayon Physics also impressed us with its option to custom-build a level complete with ropes, poles, and even rockets. This is a fun game, even for adults, and it feels slyly educational for children.

Crayon Physics Deluxe Demo has a trial limit of two of the eight islands of play. This program is beautiful to look at, fun to play, and educational, and we highly recommend it.

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