Disappointing downloader

Avoid this troublesome video downloading program.

Vidferret's 123 YouTube Downloader offers a lot of tools to make downloading videos simple. However, this program was laden with issues that made it too difficult to use.

The program's interface is characterized by a professional-looking design. It's easy to operate, with a few relatively straightforward commands. However, one thing we didn't like was its complete lack of a Help file. Even when the program directed us to the company's Web site, we found nothing more than a commercial for the developer's other products. The program did allow us to cut and paste a URL from YouTube for conversion, as advertised. Interestingly, it also did the same for videos from MetaCafe, FunnyorDie, and Break.com. Unfortunately, when we entered a Web address from any of these sites, 123 YouTube Downloader informed us the URL was incorrect. We cut-and-pasted several different videos and got the same response each time. The only option that worked was the program's lone feature, the Search for Any Video option. Suspiciously, this also took us to the company's Web site, which doubled as a search engine for videos.

We were frustrated by 123 YouTube Downloader because it initially appeared to be so simple. We're also skeptical of its purpose, because the only two functional aspects of the downloader sent us to the company's Web site (a site, we might add, that didn't mention 123 YouTube Downloader). This version of 123 YouTube Downloader is freeware. Because of its lack of functionality, we can't recommend this program.

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