Basic viewer

Watch videos or view pictures with this simple program.

ATP Player provides a basic set of tools for viewing video and pictures. With a very focused setup, this program is welcoming for users of all skill levels.

We were impressed by the interface's sleek layout, which made its basic functions simple to understand and navigate. We did need the Help file's instructions to build playlists, but a little research pointed us in the right direction. The program provides a simple onscreen file tree to navigate through when seeking out videos and photos to view. You simply click on the item you want to view, and it plays on a simple screen that you can start and stop easily. The picture and sound quality were crisp but no better than that offered by typical viewing software. ATP Player's strongest element was its Playlist feature. This Wizard-like program lets you pluck images and videos from the file tree and create a customized lineup that can be viewed back-to-back and even looped. This saves time, especially for frequently watched videos. Overall, this program was all right; nothing was glaringly wrong with it, but nothing knocked us out, either. It was steady and practical, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

ATP Player is a freeware player. It installs desktop icons without permission. Since this was such a simple, well-balanced viewer, we recommend this program.

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