Panoramic photo maker

Create a photo panorama from several images with this interesting program.

DualAlign's I2K Quickage Pro provides the tools for stitching together several similar pictures to create a photomontage. This surprising program performed its tasks with excellent results.

The program's interface has a professional layout that is simple to operate, since it only offers the most minimal options throughout. We did need the Help file to understand our panorama options, however. We easily sorted through our collection of photos and selected a few that were very similar, with both images focused on the same subject but taken from slightly different perspectives. The program was slow to stitch together even two pictures, but after several minutes the two images fused to create a complete shot. While the final shot needed some cropping, since the two originals weren't perfect puzzle pieces, the result showed surprisingly high quality. We envisioned this working well for creating panoramic landscape shots. The program offered a nice feature to adjust the quality of the montage and to choose which panoramic filter to use, though we felt the default setting was best, as it takes a certain level of photographic knowledge to determine the best settings. While we didn't expect much, I2K Quickage Pro did a nice job of stitching together images to make a single, seamless shot.

I2k Quickage Pro is limited to a five-day, 25-use trial period. By fusing two similar pictures into one, this is a great program and one we recommend.

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