Car engine conversion guide

Convert your car to run on water with this electronic book.

Run Car on Water offers an intriguing solution to rising gasoline prices. This e-book describes a step-by-step process for converting your automobile's engine to run on water.

The program's interface is simple. While there's no Help file, none is needed because this is an electronic book read in Adobe Acrobat. The e-book covers the history, techniques, and possible pitfalls of converting one's car to run on water. Chapters are written in a very plainspoken tone that is, thankfully, free of jargon and confusing terms. One complaint we had was that it takes a scant 26 pages to describe the entire process, which felt pretty short for such a huge change. We also didn't like the lack of diagrams in the e-book. Fortunately, the program's companion Web site offered plenty of diagrams, which gave a lot more color to the topics covered. It also shows helpful pictures, which we found essential to understanding the material. While the e-book is written in a way that seems to make sense, we stress that we didn't attempt to convert a car to run on water or even verify its technical feasibility, so therefore we can't be positive of the book's accuracy. We should note that the publisher's Web site offers "Internet marketing tips that make you money," including a guide to selling e-books on Ebay.

Run Car on Water is freeware. It comes as a compressed file. While we can't vouch for the actual conversion, the book is an intriguing read that we recommend.

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