Spanish language book

This e-book for learning Spanish promises more than it delivers.

The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course promises to help you learn rudimentary Spanish. However, its misleading description set us up for disappointment from the start.

The program's interface was a letdown that we were unable to shake throughout the testing. Upon reading the product description, we assumed this was an interactive program with various learning tools and an audio component. However, we quickly discovered this "Course" was nothing more than a PDF file. While the electronic book format was simple to navigate, we felt more than a little misled. The contents of the e-book were broken down into a 12-day learning cycle. The text utilizes a plainspoken tone that describes the language topics well. It covers everything from saying the alphabet to vocabulary to forming sentences and working with tricky conjugation and tense. However, we thought that this program might be more appropriate for people brushing up on their Spanish, since a newcomer would probably be unable to pronounce these words properly, even with the phonetic spellings included in the text. The program has no special features, which was disappointing. An audio feature would have really rescued this course. While its information was solid, we felt misled about the program and couldn't see new Spanish learners benefiting from it at all.

The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course is freeware, though it requires online registration. The information it offers is sound, but we can't recommend this program because its description creates the impression that it's more than a mere e-book.

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