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Convert your music with this simple freeware.

FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter provides a simple set of tools for converting AMR files to the more popular MP3 format. While it doesn't offer a lot of flashy options, it performs its job very well.

The program's interface is fairly average, with clearly marked command icons but a less-than-professional design. Regardless, we were able to navigate the program smoothly and without any hang-ups. We quickly located our AMR files and entered them into FreeStar, which listed them on the screen. We like that FreeStar lets you select as many AMR files as you like, so you can convert several files at once. The conversion process is simple and basically consists of choosing an output file and hitting Enter. The entire process took less than a minute to convert our selected files. The resulting MP3s sounded great and retained all their original data. FreeStar also provides a simple feature that lets you customize your conversions by dialing in audio and video quality, channels, and your choice of audio codec. While impressive details, these features really only apply to expert users. Overall, this converter is as simple or as complicated as you could want it to be, which should appeal to a lot of users.

FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter is freeware. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders after uninstalling. With its ability to quickly and easily convert AMR files to MP3s, it earns our recommendation.

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