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EyeCare Player provides a new software tool for viewing videos that slightly enhances the experience over similar players. With a great layout and performance that lives up to its billing, this program largely pleased us.

The viewer's interface is sleek and professional, with an excellent layout. EyeCare Player's controls are intuitive and easy to use, thanks to being largely limited to a few important command buttons. We liked the ability to create playlists within EyeCare. We whipped one up that showed us several short videos in quick succession. However, you can also watch entire DVDs, which makes EyeCare Player that much more versatile. The program also provides several standard video-watching features, ranging from audio and ratio customization to other nitpicky details that will likely only appeal to video buffs. We weren't blown away by the picture quality. While the colors did seem crisper and the light more balanced on the videos we tested, it wasn't a cinematic revolution. It wasn't useless, either; rather, the improvements were subtle, which will probably make for better long-term viewing.

EyeCare Player has a split screen during its trial period. It comes as a compressed file and installs desktop icons without permission. While it didn't knock our socks off, its picture quality was better than average; it's not a huge improvement over other players, but we felt it was enough to recommend this program.

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