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Create documents using this free word processor.

Atlantis Nova offers an alternative word processor to users who are fed up with Word or Notes. While it does a good imitation of some better-known software, ultimately its only appeal will be to those unhappy with other word processing software.

Atlantis Nova should look and feel familiar to anyone who has used Microsoft Word, as its interface mimics that program's, though in a rather cluttered form. Users will also feel comfortable composing with Atlantis Nova, as it operates just like any word processor, too. You can create and edit documents using a long list of tools and options, such as choosing fonts, sizes, paragraph setup, tabs, bullets, and other useful features. One thing that really hurt its overall performance was the lack of a spell-checker, which is pretty much an essential feature in a word processor. It also saves files in the unpopular Rich Text File format, another negative mark. It boasts some inventive features like a Zoom option and a calculations tool similar to one on an Excel spreadsheet. While both worked well enough, we failed to see users handling these tools very often. Overall, Atlantis Nova doesn't bring anything to the table that other word processors don't also offer.

With some major areas of concern in functionality, we can only recommend this freeware word processor to those disgusted with other programs.

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