PDF page numberer

Insert page numbers into locked PDFs with this program.

A-PDF Number provides users with a way to add page numbers to locked PDFs. While achieving this difficult task, it keeps things simple and effective, making a great program.

The program's interface was the first good sign. It's laid out clearly and intuitively so users can easily navigate all the choices. The Help file will be an afterthought to most users. Inserting page numbers begins with choosing the PDF from a standard file-searching file tree option. Once that is selected, users can select where their page numbering will begin and end. Next, you click on a radio button to decide whether to represent page numbers numerically, with capital Roman numerals, or with lower case Roman numerals. The next step is to select the page number position on the page, its color, and whether or not to input a text prefix before each selection. From there you simply click the conversion button. A preview screen shows what the finished document will look like. The document automatically opens once it's converted. We were impressed by how quickly and simply this entire process happened.

A-PDF Number doesn't offer any special features, which doesn't really take away from its excellent performance. While we would have liked to have seen a full preview instead of just a single sheet, it doesn't turn us off to this program. By combining simple navigation with fast results, this free program is bound to earn some fans.

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