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Track your time and help bill clients with this program.

Job Timer promises an easy way to track billable hours. Its cluttered layout threatens to derail its good intentions, but its features and performance make it worth the effort.

The program's biggest hurdle is a messy interface that will have many users scratching their heads. With several fillable rows for billing amounts, a running clock, a financial tally, and more, the program almost has too much going on at once. Luckily, a trip to the Help file and a little experimenting will clarify most questions. The Start button initiates the timer, which operates like a stopwatch, with Start, Stop, and Reset buttons. Job Timer's most interesting feature is its capability to apply your work time with billable hours. You simply cycle through the different available hourly rates, enter you rate into the appropriate field, and Job Timer tallies the total amount to be charged and displays it in the upper left corner of the screen. While it took us time to understand how to make this feature properly work, the results were precise timing and billing. Job Timer produces results that will benefit hourly professionals, and it offers useful extras, such as its capability to run reports. By selecting the parameters, users can look at total billed hours, specific clients, and time spent on certain projects.

While its clumsy interface is a hurdle to be overcome, we feel users will discover Job Timer's benefits for billable hours and master this effective program by the end of its 30-day trial period.

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