Solitaire with flair

Enjoy several versions of Solitaire with this application.

SoliLuxe features several versions of the popular card game solitaire. If you like to add a challenge to your game playing, you'll enjoy this program. The versions of the game included with SoliLuxe are a bit more complicated than regular solitaire. You can customize the look of the background and the cards and even add your own rules to the game.

SoliLuxe is attractively designed and easy to navigate. There are many different card deck designs to choose from, and you can also upload photos from your computer to make a custom deck. We've played computer solitaire, but we hadn't heard of the types of solitaire that SoliLuxe offers, such as "Batsford," "Spencer's Fairy Queen," and "Babette." We selected the first game from the list, "Batsford." The Info button opens instructions for uploading images into the program and other customizable options. Clicking the question mark icon in the program menu opens a brief explanation of the selected game's strategy; further instructions are in the Options menu, which is handy. Not only does it describe how to play each game, but also its difficulty. You can peruse all the games' descriptions and pick one that suits your level of challenge.

SoliLuxe is free, and it downloads, installs, and uninstalls with no problems. This is a creative and multifaceted approach to solitaire. Solitaire and card game lovers will enjoy this program.

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