Sexy interactive poker

Play strip poker with virtual hotties.

Choose your hottie opponent and play a hand of Virtual Strip Poker with her. As you play, your sexy opponent teases you while wearing slinky lingerie. You're allowed to cheat and to try to get her drunk, but she'll try to make you lose by getting you "virtually drunk," too.

The free version of Virtual Strip Poker offers only one opponent, so we chose her. "Jill" was listed as "hard to beat," and that she was. We kept getting bad hands, and Jill lost not a stitch of clothing. The instructions explain some of the game's features and hot keys as well as the rules of play. The rules allow you to cheat by giving you hints. The program told us we "had nothing" each time the deck was dealt, and that was the truth. We fared so badly that we had to surrender our shirt to Jill. Finally we got a few good hands and Jill was down to zero dollars in her pot. We were excited when we got a winning hand, but sadly Jill does not shed any clothes in the demo version. However, we discovered that if you run your mouse over Jill, she'll tell you that it feels nice.

This free trial version of the software has some features disabled--like all of the fun ones! If you want to really enjoy Virtual Strip Poker, the full version should be a worthwhile purchase. The program installs and uninstalls with no problems.

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